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1. What is the service? We are an Industrial coating maintenance service. What procides surface preparation and painting services for industrial clients in the midwest. Our painting services are typically applied to storage tanks, pipeline, waste water and water plants, and concrete, secondary containments, structural stell, building interior and exterior, manhole rehabilitation and more.

2. Our customers range from chemical plants,natural gas providers, oil industry, city municpalities, food plants, and more.

3. WE work hard to reach or exceed our customer expectations and goals by working with them. to meet their schedule, and leaving them satisfied with the job completed.

Our Services

Hydro Blasting

We have equipment for hydro blasting, water jetting, and water blasting. BPI uses this cleaning method when abrasive cleaning doesn't fit the application (softer surfaces like buildings as apposed to metals and concrete). Our machine surpasses 16,000 psi and contains driving turbo nozzles for maximum cleaning. We use this cleaning method for multiple surfaces, whether inside or outdoors.

Industrial Coating

BPI keeps up with the most up to date coatings on the market. We work hard to make sure the coatings applied are specific in their protective and functional properties to meet the needs of our customers. That means we do the math according to your particular surface. We apply coatings within the specification set forth by the manufacturer.


Bussey's Painting, Inc. has painted a wide variety of surfaces since 1983. We concentrate our efforts on surface preparation and coating steel and concrete. We train our technicians in all phases of this work. We again follow manufacturer specifications to match the material we are painting.


Otherwise known as step one in the coating process, our sandblasting equipment clears blemishes, old coats, and corrosion. Before we prime and coat your project, sandblasting allows a clean slate. Abrasive media blasting is great for heavy-duty weathered surfaces.

From waste and water plants to gas and oil pipelines, sand collects, but we make sure to shovel and remove leftover sand and debris.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam isn't exactly like other insulation. While it does seal your space to increase efficiency and comfort- it also fills cracks and gaps, traditional insulation can't quite reach. Spray foam insulation is an excellent option for newly built housing or businesses, pole barns, and even retrofitting old houses' attics, crawl spaces, and other barriers between interior and exterior areas.

Contracting And Painting Since 1983.